Friday, March 24, 2006

Parents to be: Monday 27th March 2006

Our doctor at SJMC confirmed that the baby has not turned his head down yet, so we are opting for a cesearean this coming Monday. We are going to be parents!!!

To tell you the truth, I am actually quite excited and at the same time quite nervous. Would I be a good father? Would I impart the correct values? etc etc

I guess I would do fine, as my parents has done a very good job in bringing me up, the values instilled in me, the education that they have given me not only in terms of ensuring that I am taken care of academically but also the education on my heritage and culture. For that I am grateful. I just hope that I am as good as they are in bringing up my kid.

If I fail...Cleo will be there to give me a good kicking in the behind to steer me back on the right track :p

Well my mom and mother-in-law will be arriving on Sunday afternoon, I guess they are also pretty excited...more so for my mom as this will be her first grandchild.

I am so nervous that I am breaking out with palms are sweaty...arms are itchy...sheesh...anyway will update more and post some pics on our new born.

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Anonymous said...

Sure can one... don't forget, if you mess-up Mama will be there nagging at you too! ;)

haha... All the best with fatherhood. Haven't been there yet, but heard its a blast!