Saturday, June 24, 2006

Anthony's Baptism 18th June 2006 Sacred Heart Church KK, Sabah

In total there were 61 babies to be baptized. I was praying very hard for Fong Fong not to cry...imagine the noise...61 babies crying at the same time...

Anthony was fast asleep when the priest blessed him with oil. The cute little girl in the picture is Joanne our god daughter...

Changing his clothes after being baptized. He cried for a short while as he was startled when some of the holy water got into his eyes.

Incidentally, Joanne's parents (Cleo's Sister Carol and Husband Roland) are Anthony's godparents.

Newly baptized they look alike?

Clifford, Joanne's brother wants a piece of the action as well...

Friday, June 23, 2006

Golfing in Kota Kinabalu

While in KK I had the opportunity to play some golf. Cleo's cousing took me to Sutera Harbour which is rated as the best golf course in Sabah. The course is very well managed and rather friendly to the average golfer with its wide fairways, however having said that fairway bunkers are everywhere.

I reckon this is the best hole of the Sutera Harbour course...this is hole 5 on the Lake Course which plays as a par 4. From the tee box you get a fantastic view of the ocean, if I am not mistaken the island in the background is Manukan Island. I find this hole quite challenging as you will be teeing off against the wind. I can't wait till December to get back to KK and reacquaint myself with this fantastic hole.

I also had the opportunity to play at Kinabalu Golf Club which is regarded as the oldest golf club in Sabah. It was established in 1933. The pic shows the view from the club house which is overlooking the first hole.

It is a walking but short course. Although the first hole has a rather generous fairway, the rest of the holes places a premium on accuracy. This is a course where you definately do not want to get into the rough. The rough is very "rough", I used a 7 iron with the intention to "whack" my ball out of the rough but only managed to get 10 feet of distance....

I am now counting down the number of days left before I set foot in KK again...
Poring Hot Spring, Kinabalu Park
While in KK we decided to take a drive to the Kinabalu National Park which is roughly two and a half hours drive from Kota Kinabalu city.

Visitors are greeted by a sign indicating that Poring Hot Spring comes under the management of the World Heritage Site.

Initially I wanted to visit the bat cave and the waterfall, but a look at the board made me think twice. Walking more than 3KM while carrying a one year old todler is definately not practical!

After paying the entrance fee of RM3 per-person (foreigners pay RM20), we headed towards the hot spring entrance.

After the main entrance we had to cross a bridge...

After crossing the bridge, we headed towards the open air bath...

Basically, we had to choose an empty bath...wash it and fill it up with hot water.

While waiting for the bath to fill, I visited the hot spring pool. Notice that there is a sign behind me indicating that one should not soak in the pool as it is really hot. The pool is so hot that one can actually cook eggs in it!

Clifford seems to enjoy the water...I certainly did, I have to admit that the water has done wonders to my eczema infested skin...the redness and itchiness has disappeared!

Cleo insisted that I take a dip in the rock pool...the water was soooo cold...imagine jumping into an ice cold pool directly from a hot tub!!! I don't ever want to do it again, I was hyperventilating like mad!!

Anyway we spent about 3 hours at the hot spring before driving back to KK. The drive back was not really pleasant as it was raining heavily, further visibility was bad due to the mist.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


To you readers out there...sorry, have been too busy lately to blog. Don't even have time to go to the range to practice, I guess the showdown in KK will be a walk-over. I am not conceding defeat but just being I will just play and enjoy my game.

Well I have been home alone for one week plus now, Cleo and Anthony went back to KK and I am due to join them on the 15th. Did I enjoy being alone?

To tell you the truth, initially the first 2 days were crying...good sleep...drinking beer and smoking cigars...

But after 2 days of "freedom" I got tired of it!!! I miss my family!!!

Gosh I must be fully domesticated now...