Monday, April 30, 2007

Toronto: Nangka Drop

Those of you who have spent my school holidays with me in Kuantan will remember that I sometimes sing this annoying song that has no particular tune... just the words:"Nangka drop!" You see, my uncle has a Nangka (Jackfruit) tree in his yard. I loooovve eating jackfruit. So I used to look forward to one dropping from his tree.

Once when I kept whining for the Nangka to drop, IT DID! So whenever I fancy I would "sing" this song to "induce" the fruit to ripen and drop from the tree.

Well, the Nangkas are sure dropping in Chinatown. It was selling for $5/lb. I couldn't resist and we bought some home :)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Toronto: Baby Shower for Louise
I went to my first baby shower on April 14th, 2007. This is a tradition that people have here. It is a celebration for the mother-to-be and to "shower" her with gifts. The gifts are usually baby-stuff like teeny-tiny clothes, toys, playpens, etc.... things the new mum and baby can use. The party is usually for women-only.

I had a lot of fun with the other gals. The baby is due on May 2nd, and we are all eagerly waiting for he or she to make its entrance into this world.
I guess the gift-giving is not so different from Chinese tradition where we give ang-pow when we visit the newborn during the confinement period. The ang-pow money will help the new parents in setting up their new life with the little one, just as the gifts will :)

Monday, April 09, 2007

Toronto: Easter Weekend

Friday (Good Friday) was a public holiday for us. It's the first long weekend since Christmas and a much needed break. Primary and Secondary schools are also closed on Monday for Easter Monday so teachers and students get and extra day off. Unfortunately, the rest of us will have to work :P

When one thinks of Easter, usually chocolate (see golden chocolate bunny in pic!), the Easter Bunny, multi-pastel coloured eggs and Spring comes to mind. While the chocolate and eggs made their appearances, Spring was no where to be found. In fact, it was so cold that it snowed!!!

Many people gathered with their families during this season. Some for the Catholic celebration of Jesus's resurrection, some for the Jewish celebration of passover. Anand went to Chicago for a friend's wedding. I didn't have a US visa so I couldn't go. But I had great fun catching up with my friend Fai. We rented a movie called Mona Lisa Smile and I slept over at her place. Next day (Saturday) I went to the Roach's to spend my weekend there. Anand came back from Chicago on Sunday just in time to join us for Easter Dinner. We had lots of good food and great fun, as always :)

Friday, April 06, 2007

Kelantan: Gastronomic Adventure
Khai Yee decided to follow me back to for Cheng Beng. His mission? eat

Khai Yee started his eating adventure at the airport. He wolfed down a tuna baguette before the flight. Upon touchdown, my dad brought us to eat "Nasi Dagang" a Kelantanese delicacy. Khai Yee ate a plate of "Nasi Dagang" with two pieces of chicken. After polishing off the plate of nasi, he proceeded to consume "tupai" compressed rice with chilli and prawns.

Morning tea was served at Temangan. Banana pancakes... Lunch was at Kelantan's oldest Chinese restaurant, which roughly 80 years old... Khai Yee consumed a bowl of rice and plenty of pork and rice dumplings...

Dinner was at the Thai village where the main dish was a plate of sago worms and bee larvae. Khai Yee insisted that he wanted to try the two he can brag to his "big city" friends that he can so compete in Fear Factor.

This is the result of eating the bees...Khai Yee developed an allergic reaction to the bees. Notice the swollen eyes, actually he looks worse off in real life. He was red all over !!! Had to take him to the doctors...hehehe...
Kelantan: Cheng Beng

Went back to Kelantan for the annual "Cheng Beng" festival. Notice the miniature flags on the grave? Guess my "uncles and aunty" beat me to it this year. Don't get me wrong, its not a competition to see who performs the ancestral prayers first, the point is we are supposed to do it together!!

Mom and dad cleaning my grand-parent's grave.

Notice the yellow boxes? It contains paper clothing, shoes and other necessities. Basically items that you would need if you were alive. Oh ya, not to forget the bags of "hell" money.

Stacking the boxes on "hell" money to be burned...

The entire process took roughly 3 was so hot that my shirt was soaked!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Anthony's Birthday Party

We invited a whole lot of relatives, including 3 other kids. Mom in law is carrying Erica, Joanne is the baby in yellow and the little girl in red is Elewen.

Ma and Mom in law cooked a whole lot of food, my contribution is a big pot of pasta. Apparently it was so good that it was polished off in no time. Secret ingredient? Cheese...loads of cheese.

1.5kg birthday cake...

Fong Fong was so curious about the cake, he kept on wanting to grab the cake...Cleo had to physically restrain him.

Other kids getting into the act...

Cutting of the cake...

Ma proceeding to "knock" Fong Fong's head with a boiled egg. This ritual is to "ensure" that he grows up to be a good kid.

Ma, feeding Fong Fong some egg...

All in all it was a good party, lots of food, fantastic company...only thing missing was a good bottle of wine haha