Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Old Town Kopi-Tiam : USJ 10 Taipan

Cleo and me decided to go and have breakfast at Old Town Kopi-Tiam in USJ 10 Taipan. We have heard so much about it, and decided to go and see what the fuss is all about.

The look and feel of the interior tries to simulate the traditional coffee shop... it was actually quite warm in the shop even with the air conditioning and ceiling fan on full blast.

The menu is prominently displayed above the serving counters...

Cleo decided to order this...while I settled for 2 half boiled egg (RM1.00), Bread with Kaya and butter (RM1.00) and a Ipoh Old Town Iced White Coffee (RM2.80)...

The eggs came...nothing to shout about, its just eggs...although I do prefer if it was served in the shell like how the "original" coffee shops used to.

The coffee is fantastic...not too sweet with a hint of bitterness...which is just the way I like it

Kanina...when the bread came I was so disappointed! I mean kopi-tiam type of bread should be white bread! HAINANESE WHITE BREAD!!! and not brown coloured bread...If it was whole meal bread I would have forgiven them, but this is not even whole meal...damn wasted RM1.00

I finished my breakfast and we waited with anticipation for Cleo's food to arrive, 10 minutes turned to 20 and we got fed-up and decided to leave as they totally forgot about her order!

Verdict: I do not recommed this place for breakfast, service was terrible. It actually took us a while to order our food. Further when paying the bill at the counter I noticed that the food are pre-cooked and packed into plastic bags and heated up in a microwave oven. However having said that, if you want good iced white coffee, this is the place to go...BUT NOT FOR THE FOOD!! ESPECIALLY THE BREAD!!!!!!!!

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