Friday, December 11, 2009

Some Random Pictures

Its been a pretty hectic week and I have not had the chance to play with the D90 much. Anyway we decided to go out for a drive around town this morning with the intention of doing some Christmas shopping, but we spent most our time stuck in the car due to the traffic congestion...anyway here are some random pics that I took today with some comments added in to give you a sense of where I took the pictures and what was going through my mind when I took them.

Took this in Bangsar, which is a high end neighborhood. However I was surprised to find that there is a block of low cost flats behind the Maybank building. I suppose the condition of the flag (torn and dirty) symbolizes the general condition of the flats and its surrounding area. Its quite sad to see that no one bothered to up keep the general surroundings, but it was sadder to see that the symbol of your country is in such a poor state...I suppose it reflects the general mood of the country at the moment?

I managed to get a quick shot of Victor while he was patiently waiting for the adults to get ready. He was in such a contemplative mood. Probably wondering where we would be taking him today.

Anthony insist that he has to have a camera as well so I gave him my Canon Powershot that I bought many many moons ago. He has been happily snapping away on the camera. I suppose in 10 years time he would want his own would give me a very good excuse to upgrade haha. I am going to encourage him, it will be a good platform for me and him to get closer. Father and son bonding thing...if you get what I mean.

After being stuck in traffic for most of the morning, we decided to have chicken rice at Jalan Gasing. Expensive but totally worth it.

Anyway, I am looking forward to going to try my hand at taking some pictures of the Christmas decorations.

Monday, December 07, 2009

It That Time of Year Again: Up Goes The Christmas Tree
With Christmas just round the corner its that time of the year again where the tree has to come up. So after completing the grocery shopping at the night market and after a sumptuous meal of Nasi Lemak we decided to put up the Christmas tree. Oh by the way, you might have noticed that the quality of pictures have drastically improved...the pictures taken are from my Nikon D90.

Anthony as usual was super excited. He has been bugging us the whole day..."when are we putting up the tree?? huh? huh?". When Cleo went searching for the tree in the store room Anthony could not help himself from jumping up and down as well as starting to chant "we are putting up the Christmas tree...we are putting up the Christmas tree"

Victor as seen here is also excited. I don't really know whether he knows the significance of Christmas yet, but as it is his first Christmas as a 1 year old he was super excited and started to walk all over the place while waving his small flag.

While Cleo and Anthony were busy unpacking the tree, Victor was practicing his walking. He can walk now albeit still unsteady. At one point yesterday evening he fell while trying to walk and I managed to capture it with a continuous shutter burst of 3 frames. Ahhh the beauty of having a point and shoot would not have been able to capture it.

Once the tree was unpacked, Anthony could not wait to put up the decorations. Victor was somehow fascinated with the tree.

Two good looking toddlers in Putra Heights...and some say in the entire USJ too...*wink* *wink*

Merry Christmas... 2010 here we come...