Friday, March 31, 2006

Pasta: My own concoction...

Decided to give my mother-in-law a rest, so decided to whip some pasta up since I had some left over tomatos and capsicum from the potato salad.

I only use San Remo...I reckon they have the best Penne (or whatever name that funny shaped pasta is called)...Boil as much as you want for 6 minutes.

I love button mushrooms...

Slice the mushrooms up like so...Although some people like it halved...cut it up anyway you like 'em

In this instance, I sliced up some crab sticks and sausages...I ran out of Ludwig's sausages so had to resort to Ayamas Presium chicken sausages.

I decided to add some bacon and my last slice of cheese...

Of course no pasta dish is complete without some help from my good friend Dolmio...

Basically, fry the bacon till fragrant...add in the tomatos and capsicum, fry till soft...then chuck in everything else...simmer for 10 minutes or so...add pepper or mustard!!! (have I mentioned that I love mustard??)

Serve piping mother-law loved it!!!
Potato Salad

Since coming back from Hannover, I have been missing Karl's potato salad I decided to whip up a batch.

Dice and boil 4 this case I used some local potatos found at your local sundry shop

Chop and dice 4 tomatos and 1 medium sized capsicum. Boil 4 eggs to add some extra flavour.

Add half a can of kidney beans...preferably unsalted.

I did not have any pickled cucumber, so decided to improvise by dicing some olives.

Add as much mayo and milk as you want. In this case I mixed half a cup of milk and 3 table spoon of mayo.

Instead of using salt, I decided to sprinkle some mushroom powder...its a healthtier alternative to salt. Add pepper to taste.

My secret ingredient is mustard!!! It gives the salad a nice and spicy taste. In this case I am using mustard that I bought in Hannover. Karl, if you are reading this please get me a bottle when you come to Malaysia.

Mix it all up together and wa-la...chill it in the fridge for 2 hours or so...mmmm absolutely heavenly...
Proud Parents

What to say...both of us are so happy... I guess we still can't believe that we are parents!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Proud Grandparents

Well my dad flew in from Kelantan on the first flight to see Anthony...then he had to catch the afternoon flight back as all flights to Kelantan are fully booked due to the Sultan of Kelantan's birthday holidays.

Will post more pics and blog a bit more on being a a bit "blur" I guess the full impact of being a dad has just hit me...hahah... :)

Monday, March 27, 2006

New Addition to the Family: Anthony Eng Jiat Fong

Only a 4 hours old...

Peek-a-boo!!! I guess he is irritated that I am disturbing his sleep...

Anyway I will be posting more pics in the next few days...time to juggle between being a new father and some urgent office work...

Saturday, March 25, 2006

God of Golf...where are you???

Man it has been a very frustrating couple of days, I somehow have "lost" my driver and 5 wood swing!! damn ...damn... I can hit my irons just fine...but somehow the driver and 5 wood swing eludes me.

Its like when I am holding the driver or 5 wood and addressing the ball, it seems to me like the ball is mocking me...arghhhhhhh...

Damn...damn...I spent two full hours trying to hit a nice ball with my driver and 5 wood at the range today but did not have such luck...sighhhhh

I know...this post is a bit lame...but I just had to voice my frustration regarding my golf swing...
Different Culture: Different Toilet Perception

Actually I did not know what to title the blog, but read on and maybe you can give me some suggestions.

Anyway, I received some guest from overseas last week and they will be here until the 30th of March for some official business with the Malaysian Government. Well the yesterday they visited a certain Government Department in Putrajaya for a discussion.

After the discussion the delegates (about 6 of them) headed towards the exit for their ride back to their hotel. However they decided to make a pit stop at the gents...their chaperone decided to make a quick phone call while the delegates were in the gents.

The delegate's chaperone did not manage to connect his call and decided to join them in the gents. When he got into the gents, the delegates were standing in a row urinating, not into the urinal, but the abolution area!!! This is the area where muslim men wash up before performing their prayers!!!

It was an honest mistake and the delegates were frantically washing the area...and left without incident...phew!!

I mean Government departments who routinely receive overseas guest should properly indicate which area is for pissing and which area is for abolution.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Parents to be: Monday 27th March 2006

Our doctor at SJMC confirmed that the baby has not turned his head down yet, so we are opting for a cesearean this coming Monday. We are going to be parents!!!

To tell you the truth, I am actually quite excited and at the same time quite nervous. Would I be a good father? Would I impart the correct values? etc etc

I guess I would do fine, as my parents has done a very good job in bringing me up, the values instilled in me, the education that they have given me not only in terms of ensuring that I am taken care of academically but also the education on my heritage and culture. For that I am grateful. I just hope that I am as good as they are in bringing up my kid.

If I fail...Cleo will be there to give me a good kicking in the behind to steer me back on the right track :p

Well my mom and mother-in-law will be arriving on Sunday afternoon, I guess they are also pretty excited...more so for my mom as this will be her first grandchild.

I am so nervous that I am breaking out with palms are sweaty...arms are itchy...sheesh...anyway will update more and post some pics on our new born.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Old Town Kopi-Tiam : USJ 10 Taipan

Cleo and me decided to go and have breakfast at Old Town Kopi-Tiam in USJ 10 Taipan. We have heard so much about it, and decided to go and see what the fuss is all about.

The look and feel of the interior tries to simulate the traditional coffee shop... it was actually quite warm in the shop even with the air conditioning and ceiling fan on full blast.

The menu is prominently displayed above the serving counters...

Cleo decided to order this...while I settled for 2 half boiled egg (RM1.00), Bread with Kaya and butter (RM1.00) and a Ipoh Old Town Iced White Coffee (RM2.80)...

The eggs came...nothing to shout about, its just eggs...although I do prefer if it was served in the shell like how the "original" coffee shops used to.

The coffee is fantastic...not too sweet with a hint of bitterness...which is just the way I like it

Kanina...when the bread came I was so disappointed! I mean kopi-tiam type of bread should be white bread! HAINANESE WHITE BREAD!!! and not brown coloured bread...If it was whole meal bread I would have forgiven them, but this is not even whole meal...damn wasted RM1.00

I finished my breakfast and we waited with anticipation for Cleo's food to arrive, 10 minutes turned to 20 and we got fed-up and decided to leave as they totally forgot about her order!

Verdict: I do not recommed this place for breakfast, service was terrible. It actually took us a while to order our food. Further when paying the bill at the counter I noticed that the food are pre-cooked and packed into plastic bags and heated up in a microwave oven. However having said that, if you want good iced white coffee, this is the place to go...BUT NOT FOR THE FOOD!! ESPECIALLY THE BREAD!!!!!!!!

Hannover: Hell Freezes over...

Ok I promise this will be my last post on Hannover...its just that I was going through the pictures folder and found that there were some pics that truly shows how cold it was in Hannover.

First time I am seeing a car with ice-cycles (is this the right spelling?)

Have I mentioned that there was so much snow?

I reckon there was about 3 inches of snow on the ground...

The lake near Karl's place was frozen too...

Even the pond at CeBIT was frozen...

Anyway it was a good 8 days in Hannover...good food...good beer...nice and friendly people...of course not to mention that I learnt a lot regarding new ICT trends and technologies...hopefully I will get to have a chance to visit Hannover again next year.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Free & Easy: Hannover

On day 3 of CEBIT, we decided to have it free and easy as we were tired of walking around the exhibition halls. There are 27 halls, and the entire exhibition fair ground is 1.5km by 1.5km!!

I was pleasantly surprised to find snow although the sun was shining quite brightly.

Being the total "sua-ku" or village boy that I am, I could not resist taking this pic. I honestly have not seen so much snow. I reckon that the first two days that I was in Hannover, I have seen more snow thatn my 4 years in the UK!

When Karl dropped us off at CEBIT, it started to snow heavily. Actually the temperature was only about -3 degrees celcius, but when the wind starts...brrr...cannot tahan man. Find chill makes it about -7 degrees celcius.

When we finally got to the City center around 3pm, it was bright and sunny!! Notice the new cap, free from the exhibition... basically went to a booth and took it without even looking at the products on offer :) so kiasu...

20 mins later...this happened!! bloody snow and strong here is really unpredictable

The snow was blowing so hard that when I turn to face the wind, I could not even open my eyes! Poor Sazly had to try his best to hold the camera still while shivering.

This is something that I have not seened before, a sausage seller that carries his stuff and cooking utensils around his waist. Cannot imagine the weight of the contraption.

While exploring the city we got lost... really la... we got lost and stumbled upon the red light district

One picture was not enough...

"Sua Ku" like me must have at least 3 photos taken in the red light district... the mat sallehs found it amusing to see me having my photo taken haha :)

We ended the day at Karl's place, while waiting for him to prepare dinner I decided to make a snow was too small to throw at Sazly :) so threw it at the birds... :p

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Pimp my Ride: Cebit Hannover

This is the first IT fair that I have attended where cars in all shapes and sizes are used to attract people to the various stands and booths.

BenQ had a BMW 6 Series displayed, I still cannot relate what type of BenQ products are associated with BMWs

Formula 1 cars were also displayed...

Intel even took the trouble to bring in the latest BMW Sauber Petronas!! This is even before the start of the season in Bahrain. Amazing what sponsorship money can do.

Asus even brought in a Lamborghini Diablo...

A German GPS manufacturer even brought in a Bently Turbo...German Technology in a British Icon, must be the European Community at work

Samsung even brought this fine specimen of a SUV...

By far the most impressive car displayed is the Hummer brought in by ATARI, yes that ATARI. I was quite surprised to see that they have quite a hugh booth.

The boot of the Hummer is packed with speakers and a 14 inch LCD monitor allows you to watch your fav movie as well as play your XBox360

Another shot of the fantastic booth...

The interior is equally impressive...

LCD Monitor on the head-rest...

LCD Monitor on the door panels...

LCD Monitor on the dashboard and above the glove compartment...

There were other pretenders to the Atari Hummer such as this Audi Station-wagon...

Another pretender to the title... a BMW 3 series station-wagon

Nothing beats the Atari Hummer, can you imagine the size of this rims?? And the sheer audacity of installing Brembo brakes on this baby... I mean those are the same brakes on a Ferrari Enzo!

And of course, no car show (strangely enough this is in a IT Fair) is complete without a photo opportunity with the models...I mean the car :p