Saturday, March 04, 2006

Nike Sasquatch: Money Well Spent

It has been a very tiring yet fulfilling week for me. Since I came back from PNG I have been rushing around town attending meetings as well as seeing prospects.

After a long and hard day making an honest living, I like to unwind by hitting a few balls at the driving range. I normally go to Sunway Extreme Park Driving Range, its located opposite Sunway Medical.

I have finally gotten used to my new driver, THE NIKE SASQUATCH, sorry for the bold letters I just can't stop singing its praises!!

Anyway, today I finally unleashed the full potential of the driver and consistently drove the ball more than 200+ meters. I am pretty sure that on the greens the driver would give me a distance of 220 - 240 meters or more depending on the fairway conditions.

Just to prove my point, the arrow points to where most of my balls land. The red flag on the right is 88 meters, while the white flag on the left is roughly 108 meters. The yellow flag just behind the red flag and slightly left of the arrow is about 200 meters away.

My final verdict on the SQ: Worth every penny. Money well spent.

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Have I mentioned that I can't stop singing its praises? ha ha :)

To all you golfers out there... go on treat know you want it !

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