Sunday, March 05, 2006

"Fun Sunday"

It has been a very fulfilling Sunday. Woke up really early, took a drive with Cleo down to Putra Heights to scout for houses for sale. We have been thinking about buying a terrace house in Putra Heights, as we want our kids to have a bigger home to grow up in.

Anyway, after breakfast with Cleo's cousin we headed down together to 1 Utama for a spot of window shopping.

I came across the above in the open carpark of 1 Utama. It seems that the car park attendants ran out of space to spell out "No Parking" If this sign was displayed in the UK or the US 1 Utama would be facing a lot of law suits.

There was an In-Car-Entertainment (ICE) exhibition in the old wing of 1 Utama. I really do not understand what motivates people from installing thousands of Ringgit worth of audio visual products in their cars, when on average a normal person only spends about 2-3 hours daily in their cars.

This is the ICE installed in a Mercedes Benz 190E. Notice that the whole boot space is taken up by amplifiers, speakers, tuners etc. The boot cover has 3 LCD monitors installed. I really like the blue colour scheme, really psychedalic. I suppose the owner of this vehicle spends most of his/her time parked with the boot up, beer in hand to enjoy a good movie.... or he/she is in the business of providing a mobile disco unit.

The interior of the Merc has also been customized. Notice that the psychedelic colour scheme is repeated in the interior as well. The glove compartment is taken up by a CD-Changer. A LCD screen is also installed in the middle of the dash-board. I guess the owner really does spend a lot of time in this car.

After the mind and ear numbing experience at the ICE exhibition, I left Cleo with Zelda (her cousin) to shop for more baby stuff while I went with Eriq (Zelda's husband) to Bandar Utama's golf course to get in a quick game of golf.

I was quite satisfied with my game, am now more comfortable with my irons. Although I still need to get my direction alignment correct.

It goes without saying that my Nike Sasquatch performed exceptionally well, am now seriously thinking of getting a Nike Sasquatch 5 wood :p

After my trip back from Germany, I would need to get a new pair of golf shoes as the current pair just "died" and went to shoe heaven. The stiching and glue just came apart during one of my violent, over-swing, eye-not-on-ball strokes!

My score over 9 holes was a miserable 52. I guess its ok for a beginner.

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