Saturday, February 25, 2006

Found : Big Foot

Well not quite the big foot that you think, but the Nike SasQuatch!!!

The Nike SasQuatch (SQ) 460 driver with its distinctive head and yellow sole is engineered for:
  • Forgiveness – increases the club head’s Moment of Inertia (MOI) or resistance to twisting during off-center hits
  • Distance - Wider, taller sweet spot
  • Accuracy – moving the Center of Gravity farther back makes the clubface easier to square for straighter drives.
I can attest to the above, as I bought one during the Isetan Sale.

The length of the SQ is similar to my TaylorMade 360XD.

It comes with a cool cover, with the Nike Swoosh in bright gold.

The base of the driver is the most prominent, on the driving range or on the greens... you cannot miss the bright yellow of the Nike SQ Driver

My SQ comes with a Diamana Shaft, in this instance I choose a Stiff shaft which suits me just fine as I am a strong hitter.

The club face is slightly bigger (about 1.5 inches) than my TaylorMade 360XD. The Loft of my SQ is 9.5

The big difference is the actual length of the club head. The TaylorMade 360XD is on the right.

Verdict: This driver is worth every penny, it is very forgiving even with off center hits. With a nice solid hit I can get the ball around 200+ meters. On average the SQ gives me about 30+ meters of drive length.

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