Saturday, March 25, 2006

Different Culture: Different Toilet Perception

Actually I did not know what to title the blog, but read on and maybe you can give me some suggestions.

Anyway, I received some guest from overseas last week and they will be here until the 30th of March for some official business with the Malaysian Government. Well the yesterday they visited a certain Government Department in Putrajaya for a discussion.

After the discussion the delegates (about 6 of them) headed towards the exit for their ride back to their hotel. However they decided to make a pit stop at the gents...their chaperone decided to make a quick phone call while the delegates were in the gents.

The delegate's chaperone did not manage to connect his call and decided to join them in the gents. When he got into the gents, the delegates were standing in a row urinating, not into the urinal, but the abolution area!!! This is the area where muslim men wash up before performing their prayers!!!

It was an honest mistake and the delegates were frantically washing the area...and left without incident...phew!!

I mean Government departments who routinely receive overseas guest should properly indicate which area is for pissing and which area is for abolution.

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Anonymous said...

Title suggestion: Different Cultural Toilet Etiquettes

That's what happens when you don't put appropriate signs. Haha... it is quite funny after the fact.