Sunday, May 14, 2006

Yong Tau Foo
Decided to try cooking yong tau foo by myself today, my mother-in-law taught me how to do it a couple of weeks ago.

Mince up roughly 200gm of meat. Season with some salt, pepper and corn flour.

Basically stuff various types of bean-crud, vege with the meat. Make sure that the meat is tightly lodged into the bean curd or vege, otherwise it will fall out during cooking. I bought the fried wan tan from the I could not find fresh wan tan skin.

Deep fry the stuffed bean curd etc on a low flame so as to ensure that the meat stuffing is cooked.

For the gravy, I use salted soya beans(?? not too sure what type of beans it is). Mash the beans up and add half a cup of water plus half a tea spoon of corn flour.

Fry the not add salt as the beans are already very salty...add water to decrease the saltiness...

Pour the gravy onto the stuffed bean curd and vege...serve piping hot...The roasted chicken in the picture is from ayamas given to us by Cleo's cousin for their daughter's full moon.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Liang, I did try to make stuffed taufu last saturday; but disaster struck. The taufu fell out off my hands, trying to escape I guessed. Ya, they were quivering and shivering out of fear. So plan B. Diced up some carrots into tiny cubes, diced spring onion and Chinese celery to add colour to the dish. Fried carrot and minced mest, add seasoning and flavour to your liking. I didn't add any except light soya sauce. Pork's flavour is good enough. When the meat is well done, put int the broken "dispirited' taufu, fry and mash alll together, add in spring onion and celery. Wala, the day was saved.
For minced meat, I used the not so lean meat with little bit of fat for oomph, mince together with garlic and tang chai (salted preserved vege). This is poh-poh heirloom recipe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liang, sekaran kudeh damo baru tahu. Semua kena nanok sediri!!!! Taufu pun nok lari from him!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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