Saturday, May 13, 2006

Consultation = Peace of Mind

When bathing Anthony yesterday we noticed that his navel was bulging!! At first we were not worried but when Anthony started to cry the bulging navel was quite hard to the touch. I started to do some research on the net and concluded that it must be a condition known as umbilical hernia from the literature, this condition is apparently not harmful and will improve from age 5 onwards or towards puberty.

Quite statisfied that it is a not a harmful condition we never thought much about it until Anthony started to cry, whine, scream etc... thingking that it must be due to the bulging navel we took him to the pediatrician today.

The doctor took one look at the navel and said "oh, he has umbilical is not harmful etc etc..."

Cost of consultation?? 50 bucks, oh well I am not complaining. I mean I am not a pediatrician, no matter what I read online there is still the niggling doubt..."what if I misintepreted the information...what if it is not umbilical hernia...what if etc"

So I guess paying the 50 bucks is worth least it gives us peace of mind

I am not going to post a picture of what a Umbilical Hernia looks like neither am I going to describe it in detail...

You have to pay me 50 bucks consultation for me to do that!


Anonymous said...

well, that's the cost of parenting. It is very common. In fact, there is a Hokkien saying we used to tease friends when we were young, "tor chai dou-dou, chua bay bor" - navel bulging gets no wife. Hope you can get it in Hokkien.

Anonymous said...

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