Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Well its been a pretty busy couple of weeks, I still have lots of work regarding the planning and establishment within the new set up. I am now responsible to develop and kick start some business initiatives. I am now in the phase of "decision tree" drawing in my business planning process.

Anyway, family wise it has also been challenging, Anthony really demands attention!!! Somehow must figure a way on how to "not carry him so much"... he likes to be carried...when we put him down he starts to cry...any advise?

Cleo and me watched the Da Vinci Code a couple of days ago...verdict? the film follows the book exactly in terms of storeyline as well as some of the actual conversation. I don't really get it...why are people so hyped up about it? yes I know its central theme is that Jesus maaried Mary Magdelene and they had a child...but hello?? its a work of fiction laaaa...

I mean I actually laughed/sniggered during the movie where Robert Langdon proclaimed to Spohie that "your actual surname is Plantard...which means you a descendant of the Merovingians...you are the sole living direct descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdelene..."

The movie/book has not shaken my faith in the Catholic Church/belief.

But what has really shaken my belief in humans is the senseless murder of a 7 year old boy...sigh what has our society come to?


Anonymous said...

well, Fong-fong is trying to show he is the Boss. sometimes, as parents, we need to be hard hearted. He will cry & scream, but in the end he will learn screaming & yelling will not get any results. It is from young, we shape the character of our kids. He is in the learning process to know what is right & what is wrong, even at this tender age. Most parents would just let it be as he is just a baby. Only 2 months old. what does he know!! Plenty!! By the time he is 3 or 4, it would be very difficult to fom him because he is already ahead and no turning bad.
Well, Dan Brown is laughing all the way to the bank with all the huha. He know what he is doing.

Anonymous said...

Dan Brrown is a very clever man! By writing such story, many people is so worked up. And the end resuslt is these people just simply enrich his coffer!! If a non Christian like me can just treat this book as a normal story (the story line is quite shallow) it is really hard to imagine so many people believe in what they read!