Monday, April 30, 2007

Toronto: Nangka Drop

Those of you who have spent my school holidays with me in Kuantan will remember that I sometimes sing this annoying song that has no particular tune... just the words:"Nangka drop!" You see, my uncle has a Nangka (Jackfruit) tree in his yard. I loooovve eating jackfruit. So I used to look forward to one dropping from his tree.

Once when I kept whining for the Nangka to drop, IT DID! So whenever I fancy I would "sing" this song to "induce" the fruit to ripen and drop from the tree.

Well, the Nangkas are sure dropping in Chinatown. It was selling for $5/lb. I couldn't resist and we bought some home :)

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Musician Wannabe ♫ said...

haha.. i remember that song... xD