Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Victor Eng Jiat Jiang: The Journey of Birth

The day of delivery started off with Cleo having to sort out work related matters such as delegation of work to her colleagues as well as finishing tying up loose ends in terms of audit reports.

Upon reaching the hospital we had to patiently wait for our turn to be admitted, surprisingly there were quite a number of people waiting to be admitted for delivery. Cleo looks surprising clam, I was not as I was quite apprehensive due to the fact that it would be my first time entering the operating room...scared of fainting. The first pic shows my mom going through Victor's baby book.

For those of you who wants to purchase 4D...our que number is 1010...please share the winnings with me...hehhe.

We took the decision to store Victor's stem cell, this is due to the fact that on our side of the family (Cleo and mine) there has been history of blood cancer. It is sort of an insurance in the event (touch wood) that Victor faces complications in the future....we decided to pay for the full amount to store the stem cell for 21 years...which resulted in me being "broke"...I have to sacrifice my golfing on the first, self later.

Upon admission, the nurses in Ward 2A took Cleo's various vital details such as height, weight, blood etc.

We decided to have a single bedded room, but the room was not yet ready thus they put us in a two bedded temporarily while waiting for the room to be ready. Cleo is checking out the admission kit which came with all kinds of "goodies" such as towels, napkins etc.

Prior to being "rolled" into the operation room, Cleo was hooked up to a machine to monitor the baby's heart beat to ensure that all is hunky dory. The other purpose was to ascertain as to whether the baby was in the right "state' to be delivered.

In the first pic Cleo is being prepared for her C-Section and the second pic she is being wheeled to the operating theater. While in the operating theater I could not take any pics of the C-Section procedure. All I can say is that I will never ever forget the scenes such as the the blood, mucus and the various bodily fluids that is associated with the procedure. I did not faint but nearly emptied my stomach contents...thank God I manged to keep it all in.

This pic was taken immediately after Victor was welcomed into the world...he was crying non-stop due to the fact that he was very cold. The mid-wife immediately wrapped him up and put him under a warmer....I was so moved that I was on the verged of shedding tears of joy.

Victor in the room with the family for the fist time after being examined by the mid-wife and doctor. He passed all the necessary test such as hearing etc.

First time pics with the family...

Victor, welcome to the world...

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