Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Porter Airlines

We decided to take Porter Airlines to Quebec City. Unlike other airlines, Porter's terminal is located in the Toronto City Center Airport. From our condo, it only takes 15 minutes by taxi. And we can arrive at the airport 30 minutes before departure time.

The whole experience was excellent! There was hardly any wait to clear security. There was a wonderful lounge for us to wait in with complimentary drinks (juice, pop, water), coffee, tea, and other goodies. There were also newspapers and many Mac computers with internet access for passengers to use while they waited for their flight! I would take Porter again!

Anand on one of the computers. He's on a business call.
Part of the lounge where all the complimentary drinks and goodies are.

Porter's complimentary water. Nice touch, since we can't bring in water anymore.
This is the plane we flew on.

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