Saturday, September 13, 2008

When it comes to gardening I am by no means a "green hand". But I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find that the papaya tree that was planted a couple months back is doing good.

In Pic 1 you can see that the flower has formed into a shape of a small papaya. i am crossing my fingers that it will grow into a proper fruit, since the last few times after forming into a shape of a papaya, it turns brown and falls off. The other two pics are flowers on other parts of the tree that are just blooming, Hopefully these turn into fruits as well.

My mother-law has also planted some Kangkong (Pic 1), Curry Leave (Pic 2) and Winter Melon (Pic 3 & 4). I am not sure whether its called a winter melon but the chinese call the melon "lau huang qua". My mom is also planning to grow some long beans which will hopefully grow onto the fence ...won't it be beautiful?

My other little papaya tree is sadly not doing too good, despite the fertilizers, sunshines and water. I am going to change the fertilizer mixture and see whether it will do it any good.


Anonymous said...

It may be a male papaya tree. It won't bear fruit.

william said...

I seriously dont know la. how to tell if it is a male papaya tree?