Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dim Sum: Sri Petaling
As my dad is a big fan of Dim Sum, decided to haul the whole family to Sri Petaling, which is about 20 mins drive from my place. The particular establishment that we visited is famous for the "Kai Pau" literally translated it means "Chicken Dumpling".

This is their signature "Kai Pau". Its basically "Lor Mai Kai" = Glutinous Chicken Rice wrapped with "Pau"= Dumpling. It is very tasty and juicy if compared to the conventional "Lor Mai Kai".

Of course, we ordered my dad's favorite (fried carrot cake) and the usual dim sum fare.

Anthony, as usual wants to sit on someone's lap while waiting for the food to arrive. Very "manja" with my dad.

All over the "restaurant" are plastered with news paper clippings featuring the food. In my opinion, if you really crave for a "Kai Pau", this is the place to go. But having said that, if you just want to savor the conventional Dim Sum fare there are other better places. Overall I give a rating of 5/10.

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