Monday, June 18, 2007

Bragging Rights!!!

On Sunday June 17th I participated in HeiTech's Annual Golf Tournament. Two medals were being offered, namely the Chairman's Cup (handicap 15 and below) and the President's cup (handicap 24 - 16).

Initially I was reluctant to play, as I have not had the time to practice and the last time I played on the greens was just after Chinese New Year. Anyway my co-workers finally convinced me that I should join just for fun.

Anyway, I only managed to get in 4 sessions at the driving range prior to the tournament...

unexpectedly I came in second!!!...I scored a total of 20 points according to the Stableford scoring system. The winner of the President's cup scored a total of 17 points. Surprisingly I only lost 2 balls compared to the usual 10!!! haha...

I won RM250 worth of ISETAN shopping vouchers...looks like I have to take the missus for a spot of shopping this weekend.

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Musician Wannabe ♫ said...

hi cousin.... =))

lets go shoppping !!! hahaha