Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Movie: Get Rich or Die Trying

Watched the recent 50 cent movie last night on DVD, it stars Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (the scary black dude in "Lost"). The entire plot centers around Marcus (50 cent), on how he started his life of crime and finally how he became a rap star.

I quite enjoyed the movie in the sense that its your typical rags to riches movie albeit Marcus made his riches from selling crack cocain, however having said that what bugs me is that 50 Cent has a hugh fan base...some of them in their early teens...I don't think the movie portrays him as a good role model.

Yes, yes I know its only a movie...its supposed to be fictional right? But this movie has been marketed as being based on the true life storey of Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent.

I am all for artistic freedom of expression etc...but this movie seems to convey the message that as long as you don't lose track of your ultimate goal (Marcus wants to be a "gangsta rapper") "its ok to drop out of school...sell crack cocain so long as you don't become a user...shoot and kill a few competitors...make shit loads of money"

The movie also conveys the message "its better to sell crack than to beg for a livin'...gotta maintain your self respect..."

Sigh...now that I am a dad I am quite worried on what type of peer pressure he will face in his teens... guess I can't protect my kid from everything I guess the most important thing is to instill in him the correct values.


Anonymous said...

ya, values need to be instilled from young, it is caught not taught. parents need to set good examples to the kids from birth onwards, want kid to be honest, u have to be one two, many parents cakap tak sama bikin, the kids grow up confused.

william said...

kudeh: yes i agree...as a parent i need to set a good example, God please give me the strength to do so...sigh sometimes a bit susah la...but i will always have family like you to point out my mistakes :)