Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Proud Grandparents

Well my dad flew in from Kelantan on the first flight to see Anthony...then he had to catch the afternoon flight back as all flights to Kelantan are fully booked due to the Sultan of Kelantan's birthday holidays.

Will post more pics and blog a bit more on being a a bit "blur" I guess the full impact of being a dad has just hit me...hahah... :)


spicey pineapple said...

hey congrats! he is beautiful

Anonymous said...

awwww.... Papa looks so happy! Poor him... seeing his first grandson like a business day trip.

I wish I could be home. You need to get a webcam so that I can just look at Fong-Fong all day.

Can I call him Fong-Fong? Such a cute pet name.