Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Golfing: Kinrara Golf Club

Played golf today at Kinrara GC in Puchong. Cost per-person is RM105, comes with a caddy. Initial impression of the course is good. Well maintained fairways (bermuda grass), challenging bunker placement and water hazards. However overall rating is an average 5 out of 10 as 6 of the greens were under repair i.e. full of holes which makes putting a b****.

The caddy was very helpful, a very good look out so that I can keep my eyes on the ball during ball strike, but having said that some of my strokes were the eyes-not-on-ball variety :) I guess beginners like me are always curious as to where the ball would "fly" to.

Overall score for 18 holes? A commendable (personal opinion) 97. Front 9=49, Back 9=48

Of course thanks and gratitude must be given to my coach Eriq. Booking of lessons with Eriq can be done through me :)

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