Friday, March 17, 2006

Food Shopping in Hannovr: Ratio Hypermart

While Karl and Sazly were shopping for food, I headed straight for the liquor section...

or should I say sections...basically there were at least 4 rows of liquor and beer!!

I came across "Absinthe", I have heard about it, read about it but have not seen it. During my years in the UK I have heard that it was banned due to the psychoactive properties of the drink. It is also known as the "green fairy". Only recently did the European Community un-ban this favourite beverage of Ernest Hemmingway, Picaso, Oscar Wilde etc who relied on it to give them "inspiration". Sadly I did not buy a bottle as I thought we would have time to go back to Ratio to get one. Damn, looks like I would have to ask Karl to buy me a one the next time he visit KL.

I have never come acroos such a large chuck of chedder cheese in my life! This fine specimen weighs 14.5 KG, even more amazing is that a typical German family would consume this on a monthly basis!

While Sazly and Karl bought their portion of food, I bought mini packs of Absolut vodka to keep me warm and suitably medicated for the exhibition :)

While waiting for Karl to prepare dinner, I had a bottle of Einbecker Bock. It is one of the smoothes and strongest beer that I have every tried. 3 bottles and a sot of Schnaps basically knocked me out.

Yes I know, the title of this post said "food shopping" but all you see is beer and liquor. Well they are part of the food group... I think :)

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Gina said...

If i go there.. sure habis!!! The Absolut Vodka mini bottles look damn cute!