Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What would you do?

On the way back from work I received a wierd phone call from my mom, a friend of hers sufferred a stroke and is now in a coma. The doctors are not giving her much chance of regaining conciousness and her children are suffering in the sense that they have to hire a full time nurse as well as make certain sacrifices to take care of their mother.

Anyway, what shocked me was my mom told me that in the event that she is in such a situation where the doctor gives her a slim to no chance of regaining conciousness I am to ensure that she is not put on any life support system so as to ensure a quick death.

I promised her that I would ensure that her wish is followed ... but when the time comes I don't know whether I can make that decision.

Sigh ...

What would you do?


Anonymous said...

This is the second time I'm hearing this. Ma told me in April during your wedding that she wanted the plug pulled... discussion came up because of the Terri Schiavo case. Plus now with Popo's situation...

Anyway, I think we only do this when we are ready, when we have said our goodbyes. Hopefully Papa will still be around and he can make that decision. This is one area where I don't really want to assume adult responsibilities.

Funerals are really for the living not for the dead. It helps with saying goodbye and provide closure.

william said...

Ya I agree with you, I guess when the time comes we will have to decide together... touch-wood it does not come to that