Sunday, February 26, 2006

Gift to for my sister

Before I left for PNG, my sis asked me politely to get her something from PNG. Initially I thought of getting her some coffee, but I remebered that she wanted something to "show-off" to her I got her this.

This is a copper tooling of a "lakatoi". A lakatoi is a large outrigger canoe capable of carrying many people. The word is from the Motu language of Papua New Guinea.

So, little sis when you get back in March I will pass it to you.

Suggestion: Frame the copper tooling on a black background.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


WAH looks so cool!

Lucky you didn't get me coffee... i don't actually drink coffee. I am greatly affected by caffeine, can get very hyper, and sometimes a headache.

But when I go back, "kopi peng" is a must, don't care if it keeps me awake (i'll probably need it due to jetlag).

Ooohh so excited, get to see you in a week's time.