Saturday, February 25, 2006

Back from PNG

Well its been a tiring but fruitful 10 days in Port Moresby. Although I was deprived of the usual Malaysian food, fresh clean air more than compensated for this.

Everytime I am in PNG, the clear blue sky never ceases to amaze me. Notice that I included a part of a tree in the picture to "prove" that it is an authentic picture and not a "blue colour jpeg"

This is the view atop the Poreporena Highway, I have travelled this route many times on the way to work but decided to stop for this photo opportunity. Notice the view of the ocean...priceless

This is the "magic" rock, it sits on top of the Poreporena Highway and according to local folklore everytime it is moved down from this spot it will mysteriously move back to the original spot the next day... I think Ripley's Believe It or Not should do a storey on this.

Anyway this is a rather short post on PNG, am waiting for some scanned pictures from a TIME Magazine article on PNG's 30th Independence which I think wrongly portrays PNG.

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