Sunday, February 12, 2006

Busy Sunday...

Woke up at 0730, tried to ignore the alarm clock but Cleo dragged my sleepy ass out of bed as we had to make the 0830 mass at SFX. I don't normally go for the early mass unless if I have a game of golf... but today was different, we had to register our soon to be born baby for baptism.

We intend to baptise the baby in June, in order to do so we had to register for an induction course. As I will be away for a couple of weeks Cleo will have to attend the session by herself... hope the other parents won't mistake her for a single parent...

he he he

However I do feel guilty that I could not attend the session together with her. To make up for it I have to attend a session in April, all by myself.

With my ever expanding waistline I hope the other parents won't mistake me for the pregnant one.

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