Sunday, February 26, 2006

Paranoid Singaporeans

On my trip to PNG, I had to change flights in Singapore. Before boarding the Air Niugini flight I had to go another security scan.

Having endured a 30 mins que to have my hand luggage scanned, I was pulled aside by a female security personnel.

"Excuse me sir, can you please step aside I need to have a look at the contents of your carry on bag"

Thoughts rushed through my mind...have I accidentally brought in some contraband?...dangerous items?

It turned out that I had carried in my carry on luggage a nail clipper which has a small "knife", I complained to the security personnel that it was allowed on in KL.

Security :"But sir, security for local flights are more lax, international flight security is more stringent."

Me: "So are you saying that Singapore is part of Malaysia?"

Security: "..." (stares at me with killer look)

Me: "Do you seriously think that I can kill someone with that??"

Securit:" if you do not surrender the nail clipper, you will not be allowed on the flight"

Me: "..." (mumble hokkian swear words)

Sigh....what else to do but give it up...


Anonymous said...

Why so backward one?

Even here (US)we are now allowed to bring nail clipper in carry-on. Thanks for the heads up, I'll pack my nail clipper in my check-in.

I'm almost done packing. And guess what I found from the last trip? Bubble gum in my luggage.

Yeah, and my first stop is Singapore. Needless to say I helped my self to the yummy treat. Don't want it to go to waste-mah...

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans, Singaporeans, their attitude is "I am holier-than-thou!" I have a similiar experience at Changi airport last year. In my carry-on bag I had a pair of small folding scissors for trimming my mustache. The scissors
were cleared through Kuala Lumapur Airport. But on the way back I have to surrender them to the security. The reason is I may hurt someone!!!!! What bull......KIAT SU lah!!!!!!!!!!!!
This bring me back to what I saw at the back of a car many moons ago"lo kiat, su wa kiat si, so drive carefully"