Monday, August 31, 2009

National Day Eve BBQ

We decided to have a get together among friends to celebrate the Merdeka (Malaysian Independence day).

We invited about 20 people...friends plus some of our colleagues. As usual preparation of the food started from early in the morning. Starting with the marketing then the marinating. The menu consisted of:

  1. Fresh portobello mushrooms stuffed with cheddar cheese, cheery tomatoes and wrapped with streaky bacon.
  2. Pork Ribs marinated with smokey bbq sauce and chilly.
  3. Yong Tau Foo (bean curd stuffed with mince pork).
  4. Fresh Prawns without any marination (so as to appreciate the natural sweetness of the prawns)
  5. Squid marinated with a pinch of salt and pepper.
  6. Lamb Chops marinated with black pepper sauce.
  7. Pork Stay marinated with my mom's minced chilly and tumeric.
  8. Fried bee hoon (rice noodles)
  9. Fried garlic rice
  10. Jelly (courtesy of Lisa)
  11. Chicken Wings marinated with BBQ Sauce and honey.
  12. Green Salad.
  13. Ice Cream and Soft Drinks (Courtesy of Chris)
  14. A bottle of Dimples 15 years old (Courtesy of Kar Wai)

Of course not to forget the beer...courtesy of Kevin.

Of course before the guest arrived we started the cooking first...

of course being the VVIP, Victor had to be fed first prior to the arrival of our guests...

We even had an official photographer for the event...He is a very low profile but highly in demand professional...if you need him to cover your event drop me a line and I will hook you the way, the pics taken here are from my "point and shoot" Nikon compact digital cam and not from a DSLR...just in case if you are wondering *wink*

Of course after awhile we took turns BBQ'ing...I was getting hungry and thirsty (for beer heheh)...also had some business discussions going on at the same time...

The Kids of course enjoyed the time Fong Fong slept it was around 1230am....wayyyyyyy past his bedtime.

The adults also enjoyed the night...

One Group outside eating and drinking the night away...
The other group gambling the night away haha...

Oh yah....Anthony now has a good friend...they were together all the pics above they were trying to plant somethings...don't ask me when I enquired of Anthony "what are you doing?" he replied "I am planting something" haha...HAPPY MERDEKA FOLKS AND THANKS FOR COMING!!!

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