Monday, July 27, 2009

My new watch: The Casio Pro Trek Triple Solar Tough Solar Titanium Black

This is my latest acquisition... I personally think this is a better watch than my Timex e-Expedition...the compass is always accurate...the barometer is very accurate...that is after you figure out how to use it...tried out the altimeter which is also an excellent feature. My only grip? Casio has not figured out to accurately determine the temperature when the watch is worn on the wrist...when worn on the wrist the temperature has an accuracy of +-3 degrees Celsius...oh by the way as its titanium the watch is extremely light for its also comes with a stainless steel,rubber or white titanium bracelet...I paid a premium for the black titanium heheh :) thanks to the Home Minister for approving the budget.
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aikkwang said...

what was the damage?