Monday, October 06, 2008

Geylang: The Red Light District of Singapore

After dinner in China Town, we decided to head on to Singapore's famous Red Light District for some sight-seeing. Officially we went to Geylang in search of Sui Yu Tong (Tortoise Soup)..but somehow we got distracted.

To get to Geylang, we took the MRT from China Town to Aljunied MRT Station which is situated at Lorong 25 Geylang. Upon exiting Aljunied MRT station I was amazed by the amount of people loitering outside the station, rubbish was everywhere!! I turned to Kar Wai and said "I feel like I just arrived in Jakarta". Unfortunately I don't have the pictures as I have not figured out how to use the night mode photo capture on my camera yet.

We started our journey from Lorong 25...we walked everywhere, back alleys, main roads, truck roads etc. Did we see any ladies of the night? Nope, nothing close to it. What we did find were loads of places to eat.

There were loads of restaurants selling all kinds of food. Frog porridge is apparently a crowd favorite, so is roasted duck. Almost all of the restaurants that we came across sells duck and frog.

There was even a durian stall selling durians for SGD2 each!! That is dirt cheap. but unfortunately we were not in the mood to eat durians.

We walked and walked and walked for more than an hour and finally decided to call it a day and headed back to Lorong 25 for the MRT Station.

Did we find any action?

Yup, indeed we did...and it only cost me SGD0.80 per tube. Kar Wai's mouth is now clean and fit for kissing. So line up and pukker your lips!!!

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