Saturday, December 20, 2008

Note to Self: Check that you have the house keys before locking the door.

Being a Saturday, decided to take the family for a spot of window shopping at Ikano and the curve. We had nothing in particular to buy, but wanted to take the kids out to see the Christmas decorations. Upon reaching home around 8pm, I discovered that I locked us out of the house. It was too late to call a locksmith so I called a contractor friend to borrow an electric saw. After getting the electric saw, I realised that I was totally hopeless! I could not even find the switch to turn it on. Luckily my cousin in law was on hand to assist and we manage to cut through the grill and open the for the welding...

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha... luckily this happened before Mama arrived. Maybe you should change locks to those that can only be locked with a key, you know, the kind that pa n ma have on their front gates.

Good luck with the welding.