Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Din Tai Fung Chinese Restaurant

After my long trip overseas, we decided to head to The Gardens Shopping Mall to try out DIN TAI FUNG Chinese Restaurant. The restaurant is famous for their steamed shanghai dumplings (xiao long pao).

The line was so long that we had to wait at least 20 minutes before our table was ready...luckily they had an open kitchen's quite interesting to see how the Chefs prepared their world famous steamed dumplings.

This is how they steam the dumplings. This particular chef works non-stop in ensuring that there is a continuous supply of freshly steamed dumplings.

While waiting for our food to come, Fong Fong busies himself with the available cutleries.

The first dish arrived within 5 minutes. This is one of their signature noodle dish called "La Mien" literally translated it means "pulled noodles". It is so called due to the chef "pulling and tugging" on thick rolls of flour to produce thin strips of noodles. The noodle tasted really nice, the meat is juicy (probably full of fat haha) and best of all it is not salty.

The fried rice in the background is nothing to shout about. Rice is a compulsory dish if Fong Fong is around!! The dumplings in focus is the signature steamed shanghai pork dumplings. it is a testament to the chef's skill when you pick up dumplings individually without the dumpling skin breaking (and thus spilling all the tasty soup). I give this dish a 10/10.

This is what they claim to be their signature dish as well. Instead of pork fillings, it is filled with crab meat and pork. Although it tasted good (Cleo and my mother in law loved it), personally I still think Din Tai Fung should stick with the traditional meat dumplings.

Fong Fong as usual insisted on sitting on my mother in law's lap while he eats. Manja....

In total, we ordered 2 baskets of dumplings (half dozen each), one fried rice and one "La Mien". 3 ice tea and one warm water. Total damage? RM65 inclusive of taxes. In my opinion it is not cheap, but totally worth the money spent. Food rating? 8/10 (I would have given it full makrs but for the "normal" signature fried rice and crab meat dumplings). Staff friendliness? 10/10. Children Friendly? 10/10

So head on to The Gardens, adjacent to Mid-Valley Mall, Din Tai Fung is at the Lower Ground. It is best to call (+603 2283 2292) for reservations as it is usually packed on the weekends.

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