Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Celebration Dinner: Overseas Restaurant, Subang Parade

We decided to take my parents and Cleo's mom out for dinner at Overseas Restaurant In Subang Parade. The dinner was to celebrate my parents wedding anniversary as well as to celebrate Cleo's promotion to Head of Internal Audit and my promotion in terms of grade.

Food Ordered:
- Sizzling Bean Curd.
- Salted fish and Prok Belly in Claypot
- Mixed vege in sambal
- Stir Fried Fish Fillet
- Herbal Chicken Soup (individual bowl)
- Pork Ribs

Mr Anthony Eng as usual think rice is God's gift to man and only wants to eat plain rice. We had to trick him by mixing the bean curd as well as fish plus some soup into his rice.

I must say that Anthony is now "table trained" in terms of making sure that whatever is on the spoon gets into his mouth. Not that messy anymore. He still has a sharp eye, any "foreign" object in the rice like greens will be hand picked and discarded!

As for staff friendliness, I give the restaurant a 8/10. The staff are really friendly, I would have given full marks except for the fact that they do not provide plastic plates and bowls for children.

Food wise? I give a 9/10. It would have been full marks, but the sizzling bean curd was not sizzling when it was served and it is "normal". No additional toppings of meat or vegetables. I would have expected a 5 star Chinese Restaurant to serve something more elaborate and not what you can get from a "normal" restaurant.

But overall, in my opinion Overseas Restaurant is still considered one of the best Chinese Restaurants in town and is highly recommended if you want to treat your family.


Anonymous said...

Salivate.... when is my turn to eat all this yummy food?

william said...

the next time you and anand visit i will take both of you to overseas restaurant as well as the din tai fung for the shanghai dumplings