Friday, April 14, 2006

I need therapy

I have always been good with words, give me any topic to research and and I can write a wonderful report on why its good or bad etc. But numbers are something else... the last couple of days have been hell for me.

I was asked to prepare a justification paper for a new business that the company wants to embark on. Writing the paper was no problem, coming up with the projections was a personal hell for me... I seriously suffer from headaches the moment I open an excel document. The green colour of the excel logo seems to deplete my strength like kryptonite...sigh...

Further to compound the problem, my boss asked me to add in some figures that were not computed in my spreedsheet... although it was a simple matter of changing some formulas and adding a few lines it took me a few hours to figure it out...even with Cleo helping me I was seriously shaken by the whole episode.

I now have an aversion to spreedsheets...I will not be surprised if I get nightmares...images of spreedsheets and excel logos chasing me...arghhh

I need therapy

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