Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Been Busy Bee...

Lately I have been too busy to blog, sigh... I have been working on projections, board papers, research papers etc. Further I have been having fun with little Anthony, after a long day in the officce I come home to play with has taken a back seat lately...although I do wish that I could go to the driving range everyday and play every golfing buddies have been complaining that they feel neglected.

Do I care? Heck no!!! I am having the best time of my life :)

Anyway this weekend is the anticipated labour day weekend...what do I plan to do? No golfing on the greens but maybe an hour or two at the driving range...some cooking...I plan to try out my Ravioli recipe, I plan to make my own sensitive tastebuds can only accomodate home-made pasta!!!

Anyway, I promise to post some pics of Anthony in the next few days...he can lift his head up now!!!

Back to more spread-sheets...arghhhh

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Seems like you are enjoying being a daddy or papa!

You should take a photo of Anthony every week together with the same stuff toy (as a benchmark) so that you can see how much he has grown.

Can't wait for the photos! I've been deprived.