Monday, June 25, 2007

Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh

I was recently in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) for a couple of days, surprisingly all flights (Malaysia airlines at least) were full. Hotels were fully booked too. Initially we were supposed to stay at the Park Hyatt which would have set me back about USD250 a night, but since it was fully booked our partners recommended Majestic Saigon

The Majestic is one of the oldest hotels in HCMC and was established in 1922. Staying at the Majestic, brought back fond memories of E&O Hotel in Penang.

I was pretty impressed with the lobby and was amazed by its tall ceilings.

Nothing to shout about, as far as the room goes, but when I entered the washroom I was greeted by the largest sink I have ever seen!!! Its seriously big, I mean I could use it as a bathtub for Anthony!!

The hotel roof top bar has a wonderful view of the Saigon River...

One thing that never ceased to amazed me was the amount of motorcycles on the road!!!

On my first day, I tried to cross a busy took me more than 10 minutes. According to locals, "just walk confidently across the not stop in the middle...walk with a consistent speed...the motorcycles will avoid you!!" true enough, they did! what a scary experience.

My co-workers and I could not help but make a pilgrimage to "Parkson" a Malaysian chain store. Price wise it is similar to Malaysia.

While waiting for our cab (its only RM50 for one day...really cheap) outside of Parkson, I noticed that Vietnamese do not have an inkling of what "side walks" are meant in point is the above pic. In a short span of 10 minutes I saw 5 cars driving along the side walk to avoid the traffic!!!

Anyway, I am due back in HCMC in about 3 weeks, will post a more comprehensive report...till then, how do you pronounce pepper in Vietnamese? Its sounds really obscene in cantonese!!


Wei Lynn said...

Hi Ko,
That is a very nice hotel indeed, not the kind that we stayed in on our backpacking trip..haha.

Yeah traffic is crazy. Have you noticed that everything is quite low to the ground? People sit on stools and eat at tables that are close to the ground.

Oh yeah... don't forget to go to Pho 2000. That's where Clinton had some beef noodles. It was yummy!

Wei Lynn said...

me again...

I'm just wondering how did the hotel survived the Vietnam War?

If you have time you should go to the War Remnants Museum.

william said...

ya every one sits on stools to eat. i had trouble eating at one of the restaurants cause my tummy got in the way hahaha...

yup i went to Pho 2000...the noodles were indeed yummy!!

william said...

honestly i dont know how the hotel survived the war. but i seriously think that the hotel is haunted..cause in the middle of the night i keep on hearing furniture being moved...even my co-workers heard it...and they were on different floors...